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Uusis institute of Curling completes study on hair-styles

The worlds premium educational institute in curling science, Uusis institute of Curling (UIOC), has completed an important study. The results are rather awesome. Extensive research was done on the effect of different hair-styles to curling performance. Chief gel-architect George Michael summarizes the results: "Our prejudices of it being just about the CURL proved to be wrong. Curling is so much more...".

Principal haircut manager Boy George continues: "It's definitely not just about the curl, colouring matters just as much. And don't forget about finishing!". The classic ski-jumper (hyppyritukka) style might get you a long way with the ladies, but it's NOT THE WAY to become a world-class curler.

The image illustrates the optimal wetlook-two-curl style that was proven to be 57% more effective as a ski-jumper and over 89% more effective as that bald guy down the aisle. The study also proved that Canadians can't curl. At all.

As in every sport, you have to begin early to be a CHAMPION like UUSIPAAVALNIEMI!

Written by Unknown on Thursday February 23, 2006

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