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The Markku responds to doping allegations

Rumors of Uusipaavalniemi's doping scandal have been running wild for the last hours. We were able to get in touch with Uusis:

Me: Wassup?
Uusis: Not much.
Me: Whaddup with this doping shit?
Uusis: Not much.
Me: Everybody remembers the Finnish skiers scandal in 2001. Any comments?
Uusis: Not much.
Me: We've heard rumors that police officers have searched your MASSIVE CURLING DOJO and found something suspicious. Any comments?
Uusis: Not much.

We could not squeeze any more precious facts out of Markku, because he was headed to the meeting of the World Taekwondo Foundation (WTF). Starved for information, we contacted his personal trainer:

Me: Yo!
Master Yoda: Da!
Me: what is flowing in Markku Uusipaavalniemi's veins?
Me: That's awesome!

So once again Markku is proven worthy of the respect and LOVE of the WHOLE WORLD!

Written by Unknown on Thursday February 23, 2006

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