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Opera 11.1 crash on Android Gingerbread (CyanogenMod7) - Solution / Workaround [UPDATED!]

UPDATE: There is a workaround to get 11.1 running now: Read the thread message for a link

I am running HyperDroid-CM7 on the HD2. The latest Opera update (11.1) refuses to load on this device on Android. On start it simply sticks to the loading screen. While waiting for Opera to fix this I did a temporary workaround to keep running the best browser on Android (HyperDroid-CM7-v2.1.0[a2sd+][CyanogenMod7 LEO 2.3.4][Tytung_R10]).

The solution was to uninstall Opera and older version (Opera Mobile Web Browser 11.00 up4). You can find the download link and also do note that you will need to enable installation of custom applications via settings. Also remember not to update (or enable automatic updates) for Opera for the time being!

Download Opera Mobile Web Browser 11.00 up4 (APK package)

Written by Unknown on Monday July 4, 2011

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