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Markku Uusipaavalniemi ja Viimeisen Kiven Etu announce world tour date

Forssa-based uusis-metal band "Laulu- ja soitinyhtye Markku Uusipaavalniemi ja Viimeisen Kiven Etu" today announced their world tour date. Finnish metal-band Stone has been confirmed as the warm-up.

Markku Uusipaavalniemi ja Viimeisen Kiven Etu

Dubbed "Disney's Uusipaavalniemi on ice tour", the tour will be seen in nine cities across the globe:

  • Tokyo (february 25. 2006)
  • New York (february 25. 2006)
  • Mexico City (february 25. 2006)
  • Shanghai (february 25. 2006)
  • Yli-Ii (february 25. 2006)
  • Rio de Janeiro (february 25. 2006)
  • Sydney (february 25. 2006)
  • Bogota (february 25. 2006)
  • Forssa (february 25. 2006)

Tickets to all events were sold out in a minute. "It's bloody awesome!" comments the bands drummer MARKKU 69.

The band has recently SMASHED the charts around the globe with the album STONE OF DEATH with hit singles such as "curl -O http://goatse.cx/giver.jpg", "siege -u http://www.curling.ca/ -c50 -t666H" and "nmap". The band has received it's share of bad press for introducing HAXXORING and PRON to their teenage audiences.

Written by Janita on Thursday February 23, 2006

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