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First release of html5boilerplate for eZ Publish released

HTML5 Boilerplate ( http://html5boilerplate.com/ ) is a modern base template to build upon. This project packages the project into an eZ Publish extension that can easily be installed and further developed.

The extension is a simple design extension that offers a simple design based on html5 boilerplate. The eZ JSCore extension is a requirement.

The design supports the following basic functions:

- Appropriate Cache Blocks in pagelayout.tpl
- eZ JSCore CSS & JavaScript minification
- Google Analytics (via .ini setting)
- Canonical Tag (see http://projects.ez.no/ezcanonical )

There are probably still some issues with validation, point out issues to the tracker: http://issues.ez.no/17073

Read more from the HTML5 Boilerplate for eZ Publish extension site.

Written by Unknown on Tuesday August 24, 2010

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