Lordi Uusipaavalniemi

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Emperor Uusipaavalniemi and the Klingons in peace talks

Emperor Uusipaavalniemi and the Klingon delegation met in Hyvinkää to discuss the recent tension rising in the galaxy. The crisis sparked when Uusis and his team were training on the outer rim of the galaxy and Uusipaavalniemi's LAST STONE accidentally CRUSHED the mightiest Klingon battle cruiser.

So far the discussions have not been fruitful. The emperor was not pleased with the Klingon's offer of a thousand klingon virgins, but the ever-hopeful Markku hints of a possible resolution to the crisis: "if a PHOTON TORPEDO was to hit the curling team of Canada, peace IN THE GALAXY might prevail".

Written by Unknown on Thursday February 23, 2006

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