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Canon EOS 20th Anniversary Kaupunkisafari (citysafari) for finns


For the past week I've been working on the finnish Canon EOS 20th Anniversary site. The reason I'm shamelessly plugging it is that I need people to participate with their photos, desperately :D

Just in case you don't win one of the three EOS 400D cameras or some WWF-gear, you'll get a cool badge like the one on the left for sure. Click on the badge to see my initial submissions.

The competition ends on the 15th of April. So all you lazy finns out there... Get off the couch, rate and contribute. I suppose commenting would be just a bit too much to expect from finns :)

The URL is eos.fi.

P.S. Me hopes the server will hold. May the kernel-lords be friendly.

Written by Unknown on Thursday February 22, 2007

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